Dior and I – a film to capitvate


We all like to know what goes on behind the scenes in the world of fashion and now here is a documentary that provides a candid insight dealing with the impact and experiences of the newly appointed creative director, Raf Simons, to the House of Dior.


Credit: Dior and I – official movie website


Credit: Dior and I – official movie website

Frederic Tcheng, director, writer and producer of the film, tracks the dramatic eight week time frame Simons has to create his first haute couture collection for the House in 2012.  Tcheng states:  ‘Here was Dior, full of tradition, and then the arrival of this new designer who is more interested in the future.  I was interested in the meeting of these two forces.’  The result is captivating.


Christian Dior with model Dorothy Emms 1952 Courtesy: Encyclopaedia Britainicca

The camera reveals the highly skilled work of the ateliers, their strong relationships and mutual respect as they work tirelessly to produce the collection.


Credit: Dior and I – official movie website

Interesting facts emerge such as Simons doesn’t make sketches but rather creates files of images and inspirations from modern art.  His vision is clear but he is also very collaborative.  Simons does not enjoy publicity and presents as being shy.

UK Vogue 2015 Picture Credit 'Go runway'

UK Vogue 2015 Picture Credit ‘Go runway’


Credit: Dior and I – official movie website

The workrooms appear somewhat crowded and confined.  The ateliers are constantly juggling the demands of the couture clients with the pressing time frame of completing the collection.


Credit: Dior and I – official movie website

Tensions are on display as the celebrities arrive for the show.  Simons takes refuge on the rooftop and we are privy to the anxiety and nervousness which he fights to control.  This is a powerful expose and you can’t help but be swept along with the tension.  The emotions are palpable.  ‘Ooh la, la, la, la.’


Credit: Dior and I – official movie website

Dior and I is an honest and insightful portrayal of a legendary fashion house as it adapts to changes and strives to meet deadlines while maintaining its inspirational essence.  This is a film guaranteed to delight.

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