Get packing to sail away

An ocean or river cruise comes with some serious thought as to what to pack!  Central to considering your options, is to make each item earn its place in your case.  With that in mind let’s look at the necessities that will get you through.

The onboard dress up occasion can be dealt with easily.  Black pants are a go-to basic, paired with a T, tank or cami or top that has a glitzy feature.  Don’t be afraid to add a sandal or shoe that has a touch of sparkle or a belt that speaks of a glamorous adventure.  If there’s more than one occasion vary the accessories to gain a different look. It’s that easy.


Bags need some careful thought but overall you can’t beat a good tote and brands such as Longchamp spoil us for choice.  They can be folded up, making them easy to pack, are waterproof (think dripping water bottle) and dutifully carry all your bits and bobs for the day.  For other occasions, a clutch or small cross-body bag will take you into a dining room and beyond while keeping personal items close at hand.


Colour co-ordinate your daywear in neutrals – who wants to have to think too much about what to step out in?  Pants are a given, and can vary in look from a chino to slightly more tailored fit.  A wider leg can be comfy and versatile.  There are endless styles to choose from.   For the hotter climes an embellished sandal is a no brainer partner and doubles in the dining room at night.


A variety of Ts, tanks and camis will cover all your needs.  Vary the looks with a selection of scarves and an over-the-shoulder cardigan or light jacket ensures a confident yet carefree look.


If dresses are your choice of style, choose ones that are loose fitting and simple in styling.  Avoid fabric choices that need ironing.  Skirts are a good option and can be teamed back with one of your smart Ts in a variety of looks.  You need to choose pieces that can be put on repeat.


A broad-brimmed straw hat is a must.  Choose one that can be rolled into your case and revealed to cancel out a bad hair day as well as protect from the heat and sun.  It will prove to be invaluable!


A good slicker or rain jacket with a hood is essential.  Try for one that will pack up tightly, that is loose fitting to enable layering underneath.


Other essentials include a neutral tone light weight sweater,  a puffer vest (Uniqlo do the very best for travel), a pair of sox for those unexpected chilly times. Toss in your favourite cap as an alternative to the straw hat – it doesn’t ask much of your luggage restrictions and adds a sporty vibe.


If you’re headed to the cooler ‘climes’ – the same rules apply.  Simply aim for lightweight wool or cashmere fabrics and it’s ‘anchors away’.