Get tanned


When it comes to self-tanning there’s a long line up of products available that can make choosing the right one a tad overwhelming. You may want an instant result, a product that develops over time, or a tinted moisturizer to apply each day.


Narrow it down by paying attention to shade, drying time and ease of application, while also considering your choice of oils, lotions, sprays and mousse.


Whichever path you choose, skin preparation is the key to success.   Start with a deep exfoliation to get a glowing result. Use an exfoliating glove and body polish to maximise results.   It’s vital that dead skin cells be removed to ensure an even take up of product.


What ever formula you choose, aim to go only a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone remembering that you can always add another coat once the colour has developed. Avoid overload, as your skin will only absorb so much.  Always follow the recommended directions.


Vita Liberata

Applicator mitts make it light work and ensure your hands stay free of the product. Use a circular motion to get an even distribution. Areas of your body that curve such as knees, elbows, ankles and feet are best dealt with using lighter strokes and less product. Use a cotton pad to dab these areas free of excess.


Ensure the tan fades evenly by moisturising every day to avoid flakey dry skin.  Drink plenty of water to keep well hydrated.


St Tropez has a large range of self tanning products available that can be purchased at most pharmacies and beauty product outlets. They have formulas for face, body or legs in all preparations. For further details visit the website:

Vita Liberata  enjoys a fine reputation.  It’s available online or at Priceline Pharmacies. For further details visit the website:

Gracie Tips:

Foam glides nicely onto the skin and absorbs well. You can see how much you are using on the applicator mitt and readily control the distribution.

To eliminate mistakes on small areas gently use nail polish remover applied with a cotton pad or for larger areas, use a body scrub.

Pay attention to product directions, allow plenty to time and don’t rush the process!