Hands up!


Here comes the sun (at last!) and it’s time to reach for the sunscreen.  As you do, consider your hands in the application. Always exposed, the backs of our hands can very quickly become sun damaged.


The skin on the back of you hands is thin and delicate needing protection and care

You don’t need to go bankrupt buying expensive sunscreen but you do have to pay attention to ‘use by’ dates and ensure that your favourite product is not out of date.


The Cancer Council product is readily available and highly effective

Look for a product that has a high content of active ingredients. Vital statistics include SPF50+, and a product that provides UVA+UVB protection. Because our hands are always busy and in and out of water, water resistance is essential.


This Nivea product also contains Vitamin E

The go-to products are those with bonus add-ins, such as Vitamin E to help prevent sun and age spots developing.

A top pick product that offers a light weight formula that readily absorbs is Neutrogena.


A light weight formula that absorbs quickly

 What to aim for –

  • SPF50+ with UVA+UVB broad spectrum
  • Water resistance of at least 4 hours
  • Purchase in small volume to ensure freshness
  • Regular application for busy hands to boost the skin’s ability to resist sun damage

Easy care tip –

Be consistent and efficient.  Keep it in the bathroom, the bedroom and the kitchen for ready use.

Make protecting you hands with a SPF50+ sunscreen lotion part of your routine and prevent the damaging effects of sun exposure.  Care for your hands as you would your face – they too are in the spotlight!