Korjo inflatable hangers – don’t leave home without them


Essential items with which to travel are the Korjo inflatable hangers.   You may well ask why the need, when every form of accommodation out there provides hangers for whatever storage system is on offer.


Think laundry on the go! The inflatable hanger does more than just hang about.

Once it is inflated, it allows for the front and back of wet hanging items to be separated. The result is that drying takes half the time as the air circulates up and through the garment. An extra bonus is that they decrease the need for ironing.


The hook isn’t fixed so the hanger can be used anywhere. They neatly deflate and pack well into the pouch provided.


TIP:  If the panic is on, and the item is still damp, consider using a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Once you’ve travelled with these, you won’t be leaving home without them.

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