Multi task with a twist


Turban twist towels are endlessly functional, so if you haven’t experienced the convenience and benefits of using one – don’t be left behind – there’s one out there waiting for you.

Image Courtesy eBay UK

Image Courtesy eBay UK

Well designed, comfortable and simple to use, these turban head towels solve the problem of what to do with wet hair. You’ll be head over heals with the practical design that solves a problem most of us have.

Available in Australia under the brand name ‘Ms Fix-It’ at Big W or Spotlight stores, this version is price competitive and delivers the results.


Ms Fix-It Brand available in Australia


Instructions for Ms Fix-It hair turban

The David Jones brand has the added benefit of an elasticised edging and button to secure the toggled tip.  A more expensive version that does its duty.


David Jones brand has elastic edging and button

Manufactured from microfiber toweling, they are very lightweight and absorb excess water from the hair, reducing blow drying time. The longer you wear it, the dryer your hair, but after only 10 minutes you will notice the difference.

It works for all lengths of hair. Simply place the oval-shaped end on your head, twist the towel with your hair inside, looping the end through the elastic toggle or over the button at the nape of the neck.

Image Courtesy Alibaba Website

Image Courtesy Alibaba website

The one size fits all, is perfectly sized for the task at hand. It’s machine washable and can be dried on high. 100% fuss-free.  Much more than a towel, it delivers multi tasking with a twist.

Think about –

  • Cleansing the face
  • Applying make up
  • Using a face mask
  • Applying a hair treatment
  • Using the phone
  • Relaxing in the spa

It soon adds up to a ‘must have’. Perfect for gifting to family and friends and your Dear Self of course. GRACIE gives a high five!

If you wish to purchase on line, try the Turbie Twist brand  available online via Amazon.  Click here