Sneaking up on you …

GRA002-PostImage-TopSpot-3-FeaturesNews on the street is sweet!  Sneakers are now made for more than just walking.  Break with convention and position yourself right on trend.  There’s a sneaker for all occasions and they’re here to stay.  The top designers are the ones to herald the trend.  Here is a snapshot.

Lanvin, alway so chic and discreet,  is offering a high-shine metallic leather imprinted with a snakeskin effect.  Effortless, wearable, a safe acquisition, but oh so totally cool.

L1030957 (1)

Image from SaksFifthAvenue Website

Christian Louboutin steps it up with textural glitter, and layers of leather coming together to claim a fresh take on the humble sand shoe.  Any pant will work with these.


Gondolier Glitter and Patent Leather Image from SaksFifthAvenue Website

Jimmy Choo (where would we be without him?) gives us a curved sole trainer treated with leather and fabric and a touch of glitter.  A trans seasonal go anywhere option.  Add a sporty hint to your outfit.


London Glitter and Leather Image from SaksFifthAvenue Website

Balenciaga – sporty, edgy and ready to go. Super comfortable and hip. These are a statement in themselves.  Let them shout it out.


Photograph of display – Barney’s New York

Stella McCartney for Adidas talks back with this eyebrow raiser in colours to dazzle.  Wear with a big shirt, straight skirt or skinny pants and a dash of confidence.

L1030953 (1)

Adizero XT   Image from SaksFifthAvenue Website

If laces cause you pain, then the slip on sneaker is totally fine to slouch and mooch about in. Miu Miu have vamped it up with a variety of pointy toe slip-on options. Try the silver toecaps or the crystal embellished option. Other designers are doing likewise, so seek them out if you fancy this style.  They will take you anywhere.


Image:: Miu Miu Website

Ode to the rock star within, Valentino have given a subtle response with this black leather studded design – quietly cool. That’s a real sneaker!


Image from SaksFifthAvenue Website

Right out and up there with a high top, Giuseppi Zanotti take it one step further with this micro crusted glamour offering.  A silver zipper opening at the heel sends the right signal.  This is serious glitz. They leave a lot in their wake.

L1030955 (1)

Image from SaksFifthAvenue Website

But, the Editor’s pick has to go to Dolce & Gabbana. Never afraid to combine animal print with floral, jewels with leather then add some velvet, they just know how to take it to the max and you have to love them for it.


Image from SaksFifthAvenue Website

The choice is endless this season, so there’s no excuse for not putting your best foot forward and embracing, animal prints, glitter, studs, and jewels.  They’re there for taking.