‘The Dressmaker’ – couture and glamour


Couture and glamour have taken over Ripponlea House & Gardens in a major new exhibition of outstanding costumes featured in the movie The Dressmaker, a comedy-drama set in early 1950s Australia.


Gertrude showed us ‘how to snare a husband’ in this stunningly embroidered gown Photograph: GRACIE

Go in pursuit of romance and style and see the striking designs by Marion Boyce and Margot Wilson. Discover the artistry and the creative techniques used in bringing the authenticity of the 1950s to the silver screen.


‘In the House of Una’ Photograph GRACIE

For lovers of 1950s tailoring and evening elegance, this exhibition is a must.


Collection of outfits from The Dressmaker Photograph: GRACIE

Costumes of all the favourite characters are well curated. Here is a chance to get up close and personal.


Gertrude shows us ‘How to seal the deal’ Photograph: GRACIE

Attention to detail is what makes these outfits so true to the 1950s period.  Marion Boyce chose to recreate the underwear and corsetry to ensure accuracy in representation, and to strike the right balance between waist, bust and hips.

A lot more than meets the eye.  Shapely underwear especially created.  Photograph:  GRACEI

A lot more than meets the eye. Shapely underwear especially created. Photograph: GRACEI

Each exhibit can claim the ‘Wow’ factor.


Muriel as Mother of the Bride Photograph: GRACIE

From tailored suits and body flattering day wear to glamorous evening gowns, the result is fabulous.


Tilly’s football showstopper Photograph: GRACIE

Many of the hats are original having been sourced in Australia and beyond.  So irresistible.


The head piece temptations Photograph: GRACIE

They are exquisite and gorgeous, exhibiting extraordinary millinery techniques.


Bursting with flowers these are such cuties Photograph: GRACIE

As with the movie, the exhibition is witty and engaging.  A room is devoted entirely to the character of  Sergeant Horatio Farrat.


Sergeant Horatio Farrat room – a show and tell opportunity. Photograph GRACIE

This exhibition is terrific fun whether you have seen the movie or not, you can’t help getting swept up in this show stopper.   It’s a real romp.

When and where:

The Exhibition is open daily from 10am to 4pm
(last entry 3.30pm)

22 April to 31 July 2016

Rippon Lea House and Gardens

192 Hotham Street,
Elsternwick 3185 VIC

PHONE: (03) 9523 6095 or call
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