Eye make up cleanser – take it away


Estee Lauder Cleanser for Eyes

Finding an efficient cleanser for removing eye make up and particularly mascara can be exasperating and expensive. A high performer in this field is the Estee Lauder Take it Away Longwear Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.


The advanced formula works to quickly dissolve long-wearing lipstick and waterproof mascara without leaving a oily residue. It contains Aloe Vera and other botanical ingredients that leave the skin calm and soft. Its gentle compounds won’t cause irritation while removing the most stubborn product.


Four steps for a proper cleansing routine

  • Shake the bottle well before using.
  • Use the cleanser to moisten half a cotton pad.
  • Place and hold over the eye gently patting for several seconds to allow the cleanser to dissolve the product paying attention to the lash area. Avoid rubbing!
  • Reverse sides of the pad and work under the lashes gently sweeping up to persuade the product off. Fold in half to get close to the lash line.


Ultra soft and absorbent Swisspers make up pads are a fail safe way to remove your eye make up. Comprising 100% cotton and with a quilted surface they ensure no irritating fibres are left behind.

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