Facing up to it

How often have you gone to purchase your favourite face cream to learn it’s out of stock, or worse, it’s discontinued!!  Suddenly you’re having to choose a new product.  Sometimes this works in your favour which is how we discovered Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Camellia Water Cream.   So why have we taken to it?

It has a lightweight fluid texture that is moisturising, refreshing and absorbs quickly.   We loved that the skin felt calm and comfortable while revealing a natural glow.


The fluid contains extra fine pearly particles that capture and reflect the light while evening out the complexion.  This is a definite plus if your next step is to apply make up.  No need for the addition of a foundation primer – everything you put on it looks better.  How ideal is that?

The pump bottle is a definite winner that packs safely for travel.  As well, it’s light weight and bacteria free. We found that two pumps delivered an ample amount for dry skin and we especially loved the heavenly floral smell that lingered just long enough to feel luxurious but not over powering.

This cream is a top all round performer and a packing-friendly addition to your cosmetic bag.  Sometimes it’s a desperate measure that turns into a definite winner.