Hobart: Peppermint Bay Cruise – A joy not to be missed


She sells seashells by the sea shore

The seashells she sells are seashells I’m sure.

What did inspire the sculptor to carve these scallop shell seats quietly resting in the grounds of the Peppermint Bay dining venue in Woodbridge, Tasmania? It is believed the seats were part of the Living Artists Festival in 2006, but beyond that little has come to light.


Some might suggest inspiration for their creation came from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus but those with knowledge of the history of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel would immediately relate them to the scallop dredging industry which flourished from the 1930s to the 1960s. This seems a more likely explanation given their location and close relationship to the beautiful waterfront.


If you are visiting Hobart, a cruise down the channel to Peppermint Bay for lunch is a joy not to be missed.

Departing from the Hobart waterfront (all aboard at 10.30 am, which is easy enough) the luxurious 23 metre catamaran, Peppermint Bay II powers out from the harbour into the Derwent River and on through the d’Entrecasteaux Channel.  Whatever the weather, it won’t disappoint.

Photo courtesy Pepperment Bay Cruises

Just south of Hobart the vessel glides close to shore revealing the colourful alum cliffs which are home to the rare white breasted sea eagles. Keep cameras ready as well as binoculars if you have them.  You may also be lucky enough to see dolphins, seals or even migratory whales.


Photo courtesy Pepperment Bay Cruises

The catamaran pauses at Tinderbox – a bay on the north shore of Bruny Island which forms the d’Entrecasteaux Channel.  Here an underwater ‘Spy Ball’ camera is dropped showing the crayfish, stingrays and other sea creatures that inhabit the giant kelp forest and sea gardens below.  Whilst beautiful and fascinating, you will be glad you are on top of the water and not beneath!


Photo courtesy Pepperment Bay Cruises

Another stop is made at the floating Atlantic salmon farm where the knowledgeable guides will explain the process of raising these fish for world export. They have immense appetites!

Speaking of which, a three course banquet lunch awaits at the award winning Peppermint Bay restaurant. You will have time to take in the grounds, check out the seats or visit the town of Woodbridge.

The leisurely cruise back to Hobart follows the same course taken by the finishing Sydney to Hobart racing yachts! There is, however, a major difference – you are being transported by a luxury cruiser, which is warm, fast and designed for comfort and visibility.

And, you are assured of being comfortably back by 4.00 pm. Line honours indeed.  How neat is that?

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