Alexander McQUEEN Mind, Mythos, Muse is the latest blockbuster fashion exhibition now showing at the National Gallery of Victoria until 16 April 2023.  It’s thought provoking, sometimes challenging but most of, all a fantastic expose of McQueen’s powerful mastery of design.

The exhibition captures McQueen’s visionary approach.   His use of historical references, societal issues and his capturing of the animal kingdom are wonderfully showcased in this exhibition. The craftsmanship is exceptional.

The beige satin base of this dress is entirely covered in elliptical sequins and bugle beads in bands which follow the curves of the breast and hips

McQueen’s significant contribution to fashion between 1990 and 2010 was often controversial and provocative.  However, when seeing the work presented in the exhibition curated along with the sources and influences that he drew upon, you can’t help but marvel at his genius.  

Highly sophisticated couture techniques are ever present in the designs.  Chic, refined and stylish, these dresses say it all.

McQueen did not shy away from complexity.  In his ‘Horn of Penty’ A/W 2009/10 collection, this dress radiates a houndstooth check design that transforms into a flock of magpies signally a nod to Christian Dior and Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller ‘The Birds’.  

This floral print ball gown, from ‘The Widows of Culloden’, A/W 2006 collection with an off-shoulder corset bodice and bubble hem, train and hoop skirt is a masterpiece of couture.

Embracing technology with the use of two layered negative negatives screen printed on to white leather and then laser-cut vertical slashes,  McQueen created this amazing dress for his Eshu A/W 2000-2001 collection.

So, what was the piece we wanted most to bring home?  This stunning jacket produced by superimposing an image of the Romanov children atop a sequined ground textile that gives a shadowy effect.  Now that’s intellectual virtuosity on another level.

Lee Alexander McQueen no doubt had a sense of lavish unorthodox showmanship but his true genius is something not to be missed in this breathtaking exhibition.