Opt for the options

How many times have you looked at oversized eyeshadow palettes that have only two shades you would wear but are forced to pay out for the other two or more? Invariably it happens that you use up your favourite shade/s and the rest go to waste. Hourglass have now hit on what should have been obvious for years, versatile palettes that can be filled with individual colours of your choice.

Hourglass Curator 5 pan Palette Image: GRACIE

There are three different sized palettes – single, three-pan and five-pan, allowing you to opt for endless combinations for every season, event and fashion choice. The palettes are slim line and travel friendly, as well as being made from recyclable aluminium.

There’s a smorgasbord of 40 luxurious shades and textures to choose from. The range of looks that can be achieved is limitless. The textures include matte – with a velvety finish, satin that projects a luminous touch, and metallic and shimmer finish.

Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow Collection Image: Hourglass

These are high performance shadows that blend smoothly and effortlessly. They have a non-drying formula and are made from milled pressed powders. We recommend using a brush to apply and to start with a small amount and to build up to the desired depth. A brush will make blending a lot easier. We like that these shadows don’t crease or bleed and stay put all day plus there’s little or no fallout.

Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow – Ink (Shimmer) Image: GRACIE

Constructing the palettes is dead easy. The shades snap into the case and can be removed to replace or swap by gently pressing the top edge of the shadow in a downward motion and tilt upward.

Hourglass 5 pan Palette Image: GRACIE

Whilst the initial cost of the Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow Collection is pricier than most other eyeshadow palettes, the cost has to be weighed against the price you pay for other palettes that have shades you don’t use. While a bit pricey, the advantage is that you can build up your selection as you go, and replace or change as you want. Freedom of choice is what we like with this collection.

Hourglass Curator Palette
L-R Arc (Matte) Air (Matte) Fox (Shimmer) Ink (Shimmer) Ash (Metallic)