Parisian trendsetter

Nonchalant and effortless, chic and confident, sophisticated and cool, any and all of the above apply to Caroline de Maigret, iconic model and Parisian trendsetter.  Co-Author of the book How To be Parisian Wherever You Are, and more recently  Older but Better, but Older, she has much to offer in our approach to style and what suits us and when.

Caroline says that white is a good colour for her.   When she wears a white shirt, people comment on how well she looks.  Coco Chanel would agree that white near the face reflects light and enhances the complexion – think the white trims so often seen in her original designs and the addition of shimmering white/cream pearls.

Caroline maintains a key piece in any wardrobe is a pair of denim jeans.  Worn together with a leather jacket for a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, or balanced with a strong item such as a chic jacket, blazer or coat, denim exudes a slick and cool attitude.

A good tip from Caroline is to note that weight gain can be hidden with good clothes.  She prefers to take one to two sizes up and avoids clothes that are too tight.  She finds a bigger coat is more flattering than one fitted to her actual size.  Looking at these photographs, we’ll follow her lead.

Black turtlenecks are a staple classic that Caroline works with skirts, pants and transition to evening. They are dependable and elegant.  Never boring, infinitely cool, they add mystery and vibe – day or night.

Caroline says that knowing yourself, your body and what suits you without trying too hard, shows a nonchalant and effortless ease.  Wearing the right outfit and being able to forget about it, demonstrates  you’re comfortable and confident.  ‘It gives you power’.  We like that!