Perfect for a quick fix

Finding the right solution for a split or broken nail between manicures is often tricky.  Whilst nothing can be guaranteed to hold up indefinitely, Ultra Quick Nail Glue by Nailene is one to put on your list.   You can find it just about anywhere that sells nail care.   It’s affordable, boasts salon quality and is designed for nail application or nail repair.  We tested it for repair of vertical splits in nails and awarded it a Blue Ribbon.

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue Image: GRACIE

Preparation is key for the best outcome.  A clean and dry nail surface will give the best results.  The bottle is designed to release only a drop at a time.  A tiny drop on the crack seals it up instantly  The glue bonds and dries in 3 seconds.  It’s therefore important that you have all the tools you need close by.   We recommend a tooth pick to assist in spreading the glue evenly over the split being careful to avoid the skin.

Nailene Ulta Quick Glue Image: GRACIE

The quick drying glue once set, will hold firm.  The next step is to buff any irregularities smooth.  This will even out any ridges ready for a lacquer application.

Nailene Ultra Quick Glue, Manicure Maxi Buff. emery board and toothpick Image: GRACIE

If your nails are weak, prone to split and break easily, step up the protein in your diet and keep your nails shortish with square tips..  A nail hardener with strengthening ingredients will give added protection.  For maximum strength, we recommend   OPI Nail Envy .