Style in spades

Behind the lens or on the catwalk, Kate Moss exhibits style in spades. Discovered at the JFK Airport aged 14 the Croydon born teenager was headed for 25 years of modelling success.

Kate Moss Image: Photographer Liugi and Tango

Photographer Owen Scarbiena has stated that Kate began without any ‘preconceived ideas about how models are supposed to pose or stand.’ He told her: ‘Pretend you’re bored waiting at the bus stop’ He remarked: ‘She was unimposing, innocent, fresh unaffected and had a striking nymph-lie beauty’.

The Iconic 1990s Calvin Klein underwear campaign photographed by Herb Ritts, catapulted Kate Moss onto the global stage.

Kate is understated and at the same time, immeasurably cool with a personal style that constantly inspires.

Kate has been the face of every high end perfume. Iconic shoots for Chanel are indelible.

Kates magazine covers are too many to list – 43 issues for Vogue alone. The British Vogue March 1993 cover is an early edition whilst one of Kate’s favourite is a cover for 1996 Bazaar.

Kate has been blessed with an open face enhanced by widely spaced eyes. Described by some as a blank slate, her expression suggests whatever the viewer determines. Her look is one that continues to endure.

Kate Moss Image: Courtesy The Telegraph