The jewel that is Rhodes

The fires on the island of Rhodes have shocked the world. We can only hope that recovery will be swift and the island can return to being the finest jewel of the Dodecanese islands of the Aegean Sea. Sandwiched between Crete and Turkey’s coastline, it boasts dazzling beaches, historic medieval towns and whitewashed villages.

Approaching the harbour at the Island of Rhodes Image: GRACIE

The Old Town is a an UNESCO World Heritage site, with cobbled streets and turreted walls encasing charming courtyards, enticing boutiques and tantalising outdoor restaurants. You can wander back through time here – it’s that sort of place.

Curiosity takes over with the discovery of courtyards that feature trees, hanging baskets and old established creepers that have no doubt ‘seen it all’.

But that’s only the beginning. Venturing out of town you can soak up this island with its abundance of dazzling beaches, historic medieval towns and those whitewash villages that Greece is so famous for. We chose to aim for Lindos and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The village of Lindos, Rhodes Image: GRACIE
The village of Lindos, Rhodes Image: GRACIE

The Gothic Medieval stronghold of the 14c Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes is interesting to explore and provides a stunning view after a solid climb.

However, the old picturesque town also has plenty of sights to check out as well as cute cafes and sidewalk shops.

The charm of the whitewashed village, the spectacular beach with turquoise water, plus a fascinating history, add up to one conclusion – Lindos has it all.

Partial view from Palace of the Grand Masters Image: GRACIE