Time to glove up

Classic, elegant and understated, the simple glove is certain to become fashion essential as the emphasis on keeping our hands washed and clean to safe guard our health, becomes important.  The modern day glove, generally dug out only in the depths of winter, is set to become the go-to fashion accessory.

A well chosen glove can make an outfit instantly chic, while offering handy protection.

Cornelia James design glove IMAGE Cornelia James Website

Over the centuries gloves have been used as symbolic accessories to convey social messages of distinction and class, as well as function.

20th-century apparel  Audrey Hepburn wearing long gloves with an evening gown in My Fair Lady (1964).© 1964 Warner Brothers, Inc.; photograph from a private collection

Today, the wrist length glove is the most practical and popular choice.

Cornelia James design glove ‘Emma’ IMAGE Cornelia James Website

Royal glove maker, Cornelia James, sets the pace:  “They shouldn’t be the main story of an outfit, but gloves are often fundamental to the success of the main story”.

Matching your gloves to your scarf or hat can be a very stylish way to pull an outfit together.

Kate Middleton wearing Cornelia James bow gloves Image: James Whatling/Splash News

Gloves for specific sports and purposes can be fun as well as functional.  The driving glove leads the field with the string back design or cut out back.

Classic driving glove Image: Google

Dents ‘Lesley’ women’s crochet back driving gloves Image: Dents Website

Dents offer a wide variety of all types of gloves.  Click here to check out their designs.

Using your mobile phone or touchscreen device while wearing gloves is still possible.  Many types are available.  Click here for suggestions by TouchGlove

Tips and tricks

Gloves should be removed from the hand with care.  Each finger should be gently tugged to avoid pulling the glove out of shape.