Welcome to Gracie

As a mother of two, mother in law of two and currently a grandmother of two, I’ve spent my life enjoying fashion and style as well as those elements around us that feed our minds and that shape the way we see the world.

We are often so busy with the caring of others that time and energy to focus on ourselves becomes a luxury. Irrespective of our activities managing the complex business of living, we need to feel glamorous and self assured. Just recalibrate the focus!

Like all young girls entering the teenage years, I had pin ups on my wardrobe doors, the most adored being photographs of Grace Kelly during her early 30s.  Her polish and elegance left an indelible impression, influencing and inspiring me to pay attention to personal  grooming and to also adopt classical fashion and style to compliment my look.  And so, when considering a name for this blog, Gracie seemed the ideal choice.

Welcome to Gracie, a resource to present ideas on style and beauty, and to introduce topics, experiences and interesting places that may contribute to our staying gorgeous in body and mind. Gracie exists to cast a light on the history and essence of style and extend beyond clothing to lifestyle and being.

Gracie will choose the extraordinary over the ordinary, style over mediocrity, flare over the mundane. All women are born gorgeous – we sometimes doubt we always can be. Gracie is for those of us who feel it’s time to reignite the girl within.


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Coco Chanel