What’s in the bag?

Whether you’re travelling private jet, economy or anything in between, whether it’s road, sea or rail, you will want to have a handy vanity bag for all your beauty essentials to keep you polished enough to go anywhere.   Square structured cases that are soft and pliable are the ultimate in design and allow for easy packing and viewing.

Wicked Sista Hexagon Medium Beauty Case

Most have extra zip compartments in the lid for the storage of beauty items such as makeup brushes, toothbrush and paste, and often include a handy mirror.

Wicked Sista Hexagon Medium Beauty Case Interior   

The different sections will help keep items in place and easy to access.  Make a few clever choices and decanter lotions and creams to avoid overload.   This will give you the option to add the can’t-live -without favourites.

Wicked Sista Hexagon Medium Beauty Case partial packed

For  your prized makeup items a zipper pouch is the go.  Opt for a cornered off, flat bottomed design.  It will help in finding the urgently needed lipstick or touch up item.

Wicked Sista Hexagon Rectangle Brush bag – ideal for makeup items

Bag edit:

Brush/comb                                                             Emery board

Cleanser, toner, moisturiser                            Polish remover pads

Shampoo and conditioner                                 Nail polish for top ups

Body moisturiser & hand cream                     Perfume

Deodorant & sunscreen                                      Toothbrush + cap, paste

Airlines and most hotels supply a variety of personal care items, some good, some not so.  Be prepared by having your special favourites on hand just in case.   Now you’re good to go!