Grace Kelly – influential style


Born in Philadelphia in 1929, Grace Kelly began her career modelling in New York, followed by roles in the theatre.    These early photos give us our first glimpse of the fresh faced natural look that was to become part of her iconic style.


Grace rose to stardom firstly in her performance in the film Mogambo followed by five more highly successful films.

Grace’s sense of style and alluring elegance were immediately apparent.  Wearing the fashion of the time, the Dior look, she is seen here in this publicity shot for Rear Window (1954).  This is beauty and poise personified.  She is at once the fresh faced girl next door and the sophisticated beauty all wrapped up in the one flawless package.


Grace was the epitome of elegant chic.  Her remarkable bone structure and beautiful profile allowed her to fashion her hair well back from her face and so from which ever angle she was photographed, she looked perfection.  This styling also provided opportunities for wearing striking ear rings and necklaces which Grace carried off to perfection.  She had glamour and class in spades!


Her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956 characterized her as the most beautiful bride of the 20th century.

For the civil ceremony, Grace wore a two piece outfit made of pale pink taffeta covered by cream-coloured Alencon lace designed by Helen Rose of MGM Studios who also designed the gown for the religious ceremony.

The choice of colour, the layering of fabrics to create a rich texture, coupled with Grace’s ease of style, all work to guarantee perfection.

How elegant and stylish is this?   Perhaps dashing Prince Rainier by her side does help a little.

Grace Kelly wedding 1956

Her ceremonial wedding dress is regarded as one of the most beautiful ever created and it is believed to have served as inspiration for Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding gown.  Also designed by Helen Rose of MGM studios, in silk taffeta, silk net and Brussels lace, the creation is exquisite.  The entire package was breath taking.

Alter wedding

In 1956 Life Magazine featured a photo of Grace Kelly carrying a large Hermes bag to cover her pregnancy from the prying paparazzi. The photo thrust the bag into the fashion lime light and before the arrival of her baby, Princess Grace had unwittingly given birth to the Kelly bag, an unmistakable siren of impeccable breeding and quiet good taste.

Grace remained chic and polished on all occasions whether at the beach or out and about with her young children. She maintained a flawless style.

on board

Her radiance never left her.  Grace was the essence of elegance and beauty. Here her broad smile is captivating, while the upright carriage of her head conveys her quiet confidence. The signature look of the swept back hair ornamented with well chosen ear rings add to the image of class and distinction.


Courtesy Vogue Magazine

All through her life until her tragic death in September 1982, Grace Kelly embodied elegance and conservative style for which she will be forever associated.

 Images sourced:  Google