Invest and belt up


When it comes to investment in an accessory, the belt is the item that will pay enduring dividends. As with all investments, aim for excellence, as this is an accessory where the level of quality is highly visible.

Consider the following pieces that by pass the bland and ultra conservative, while remaining versatile and eye catching with their iconic and legendary hardware.

The House of Cartier delivers two offerings that will guarantee lasting returns.  The first, featuring the three interlocking bands of white, yellow and rose gold, references the Cartier Trinity collection first created in 1924.

The three ring Cartier belt feature Gold, Rose Gold and Silver

The three ring Cartier belt

The second striking piece features the Panthere symbol for Cartier – ‘restrained yet always ready to pounce’.  It’s smooth, sleek and timeless.

Cartier Panthere Belt

Cartier Panthere Belt

Over the decades, Salvatore Ferragamo belts have been at the forefront of accessories, and investment in a belt from this House will reap endless rewards.  The Gancini logo, shaped like a horseshoe, first appeared in 1969.  A wide selection of belts are available bearing the logo.  A straight forward choice such as this, will add a new dimension to your wardrobe.


Anchor your look with this Yves Saint Laurant  skinny monogrammed chain belt. The interlinked initials are a powerful symbol of Parisian chic.  The chain and hanging monogram can be worn to the side for a casual, nonchalant look or to the front to emphasize the waist.


Wish to elevate your look? The Gucci interlocking crystal buckle on this belt does all this and more. Far from being over the top and dominating, this piece is understated and supremely refined. An asset to cherish and keep close.


Alexander McQueen shows us how to be thoroughly opulent, while not overstepping the mark. The black suede embroidered snap belt with all over jewels is a dream come true. It’s a red carpet number with a price tag to match that breathes unparalleled luxury.46427511rl_11r_rThe Hermes belt kit comes with a stella price tag, but considering you get two for the price of one, this represents top investment value.  The signature buckle easily transfers to the reverse colour side (in this case) tan or black.  Various colour combinations are available.

Version 3

A tireless treasure


Years of working over time without fatigue

This is an accessory of immeasurable worth.  It will add a dose of polish to your tailoring and pull your look together – effortlessly.

Dresses, trousers, jeans and tops – belts are the accessories that work across all forms of dressing.  Invest well and be rewarded with a lifetime collection of style points.