Lauren Bacall – Glamour & Style

When glamour reigned in Hollywood, the stand out Queen was Lauren Bacall. Starting off as a model she was spotted by fashion editor, Diana Vreeland who put her on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. The rest, as they say, is history.

Image: Louise Dahl Wolfe for Harpers Bazaar

Starring with the greats including Humphrey Bogart who she married, her glamour and polish became immediately apparent.

Lauren Bacall Image: ABC News

Her style was flawless and effortless, topped off with a sultry look that was totally seductive. Beautiful, bold and independent, she showed how it was done. The screen goddess gowns were worn with a natural panache.

Cool and confident, she adopted the jumpsuit with truck loads of ease.

Her classic looks embraced streamlined tailoring featuring lightweight blazers, jackets and expertly cut trousers. Silky blouses or crisp white shirts and well chosen jewellery defined her look. She described her personal style as “studied carelessness”. She had an off duty look that exuded class.

Throughout her career and onwards, she showed how to dress. Whatever the occasion she nailed it.

Bacall was cautious about dressing age appropriately and never lost her innate style and class. There’s no doubt she was perfection personified.