Prime time – Primer ByTerry


If you’ve never used a primer for your eye make up, then 2017 may be the year to give it a go.  There is a huge range to choose from but, if you’re overwhelmed by choice, then starting with the ByTerry Hyaluronic Eye Primer is a safe way to go.


ByTerry Hyaluronic Eye Primer Photograph: GRACIE

The use of a primer as a base will improve the longevity of your eyeshadow.  Applied to clean dry skin it will remove any likely excess surface oil without drying out the lids and causing irritation.

The applicator is so easy to use and carries the right amount of product to blend evenly over the eye lids and the contour of the eyes.  Fingertips can help blend the formula making the skin soft and more even to work on.  It’s best to dab lightly.


ByTerry Hyaluronic Eye Primer Photograph: GRACIE

Remember you are applying as an ‘undercoat’, so allow the product to soak in and blot away any excess.  Over time, you will discover what is the ‘right’ amount for you and the routine will become extra easy.

What is there to love –

  • Light fine texture – a little goes a long way
  • Camouflages redness and flaws
  • Works on easily and doesn’t need heavy handling
  • Long lasting and prevents eye shadow creasing
  • It plumps and fills and minimises signs of fatigue

The gorgeous gold casing is just another thing to love about it.

The  ByTerry Hyaluronic Eye Primer is in the top dollar range for primers, but it’s performance is first class and deserves serious consideration.

Available at Mecca Stores.  For further details click here