The Korjo packing solution – in the bag



How many trips have you done where only a few days into it, your suitcase is looking like a charity drop bin?  One of the major challenges when on the move is to keep your suitcase neat and organised.  This is especially true if you are travelling across climate changes or attending special social events that call for a dress code not normally needed on a day to day basis.  You may be on a trip where you are sharing a suitcase (which calls for all round greater skill!). To the rescue come the Korjo zippered bags made of strong, tear-resistant see through plastic which are available with white, red or blue trim with a size dimension:  36cm x 30cm x 8cm.



It is amazing how many items can be neatly packed into these snazzy bags.  Imagine having all your Tshirts in one orderly pile?  Just extract the one you need, leaving the rest in a neat controlled stack, and off you go.  Likewise, folded pants, knitted tops and cardigans and a separate bag for lingerie, ensure they all remain in manageable order.  The ‘walled’ sides make this possible and you can actually see where everything is.   Each bag can represent your bedroom drawers.  Use the coloured trims to define their use.  It’s that simple.




This red trimmed bag comfortably contains 10 Tshirts, while the other holds 6 pairs of summer trousers with room for more. Keep one aside for items that need laundering or are unexpectedly damp or wet.  Perfect. When filled, the bags fit neatly into your suitcase enabling packing of other items such as shoes, umbrella, cosmetic bags and odds and sods all around them.

AND, the good news is that Korjo is a family owned Australian business which has been focussed on providing a genuinely useful range of travel accessories for over 30 years both nationally and internationally. The Korjo zipper bags are one huge success story not only for Korjo, but for all who use them.

They are available in packs of two at selected stores but readily available on line here