The Picasso Century – a must see

You never hear “Picasso who?” because everyone knows who he is. But for those who want to know more, this year the National Gallery of Victoria’s Winter Masters exhibition is a must. In particular it showcases alongside his work, 100 pieces of art by over 60 of his contemporaries with whom he related. Curated by Didier Ottinger from the Centre Pompidou and Musee National Picasso – Paris, this exhibition is a real treat.

The Studio at La Californie, 1956 Musèe national Picasso – Paris

The exhibition is set out across 15 sections each tracing the periods of Picasso’s career that spanned seven decades. Throughout, the works of artists with whom he connected are exhibited along side allowing us to see the interaction.

The exhibition traces the periods of Picasso’s work through his blue period, cubism and surrealism drawing on his relationships with poets, cubists, surrealists, his politics and love affairs. Included in the exhibition are many ceramics and sculptures.

What makes this exhibition a stand out for all, is the ease with which the visitor can view and fully comprehend the influences and relationships between Picasso and his contemporaries that culminated in the genius of his work. For an informative introduction click here.

Pablo Picasso Nude in a Turkish Cap 1955 Centre Pompidou Paris Donated by Louise & Michel Leiris 1984

There is a centre of creativity for children at the NGV that features a range of hands-on activities and multimedia experiences. Making Art: Imagine Everything is Real. Click here for further details.

The NGV Design store has a wide range of items featuring the exhibition. The carry bags and tea towels are first class and make excellent gifts.

The exhibition is now showing and will continue until October 9, 2022. For further details and to book tickets, click here.