YSL Touche Éclait Radiant Touch – clever cover


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch is a little magic wand that cleverly transforms your complexion to glowing luminosity by concealing the tell tale signs of tiredness.  If you have been unwell and feel your complexion has suffered, this is just the remedy.


The award-winning gold pen is an essential item in all makeup artists’ kits and is a favourite for models, celebrities and women everywhere. It highlights and brightens areas around the face whilst banishing fatigue and blurring imperfections.


Its fluid formula is moisturizing and doesn’t crease or dry out to look powdery.   It suits all skin types and comes in seven luminous shades to match all skin tones.


The pen is well designed with just the right sized brush that fills with the correct quantity of product needed to treat shadowy areas.   Just click the button at the base and you’re in business.  It can be used over bare skin or your regular makeup, blended with finger tips or contour brush to create a natural finish.


Five ways to maximise its potential –

  1. Use in the inner corner of the eye to conceal darkness and brighten the eye
  2. Take it even further and use on cheek bones and under brows
  3. Apply to the sides of the nose to eliminate shadows
  4. A touch of product applied and gently worked in to the corners of the mouth, the hollows of the chin and any unwanted expressions lines, will abolish shadows and reflect light rather than draw it in.
  5. After you have applied lipstick, touch up the outside top and bottom lip as well as cupid’s bow to create strong definition.

Touche Éclat isn’t simply a ‘radiant touch’, it captures the light and brings a magical touch in an instant.  Now that’s clever!

Let it be your little secret ……..

Available at stores stocking YSL products or on line by clicking here.