2018 Spring in full swing in Paris


It’s that time again – couture and ready-to-wear shows are in full swing in Paris so to inspire and to dream we have highlighted the evening gowns that we find classically feminine and perfectly styled.  The exciting new trend that was visible in most collections, was the inclusion of flat shoes which we welcome with sighs of relief.

Christian Dior R/W moved on up with this simple luxuriously adorned classic, that looks ‘oh so now’ with the pairing of matching Mary Janes.

Dior evening No 56

Christian Dior Ready to Wear Image: Vogue.com Jannis Vlamos/Indigita.tv

Flats appeared elsewhere with Armani Privé showing this subtle palette (we wouldn’t expect less) enhanced with detailed beading and appliqué skilfully applied in the right measure.  The result is exquisite.

Armani long with flats

Armani Privé Image: Vogue.com Kim WestonArnold/Indigital.tv

Valentino’s couture collection would never be complete without the inclusion of a red gown.  This dramatic creation has just the right degree of drama, yet falls and moves with a refined femininity.

Valentino Red

Valentino Couture Image: Vogue.com Marcus Tondo/Indigital.tv

Viktor & Rolf Couture combined stripes and florals in amazing harmony.  It’s expressive, exotic and romantic all in one creation.  Those two can certainly stretch boundaries with stunning success.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf Image: Vogue.com Alessandro Garofalo / Indigital

Bold colouring also featured in the Givenchy Couture show.  A sophisticated edge was given to this intelligent combination of colour and layered frills.  The addition of the simple yet seductive black top oozes sophistication.  We love the way it glides and sashays with an ease of almost nonchalance yet losing of its dramatic edge.


Givenchy Couture Image: Vogue.com Monica Feudi/Indigital.tv

Evening pants were front and centre at Armani Privé as shown in this glittering combination.  The pants fall elegantly to the ankle and are swathed in a veil of free flowing silk that reflects the colour spectrum.  It’s utterly, convincingly chic.

Armani Prive

Armani Privé Image: Vogue.com Kim WestonArnold/Indigital.tv

C’est magnifique – c’est Paris 2018