A clean winner


We love the new Lancôme cleansing formula Bi-Facil Visage that works as a bi-phased water based make-up remover and cleanser.  Our try out gives it five stars as an effective cleanser for the gentle removal of stubborn long lasting make-up that remains ever so mild on the skin.  We think this is an all round winner.

Lancome Bi-Facil Visage Cleanser   Photograph:  GRACIE

Lancôme Bi-Facil Visage Cleanser Photograph: GRACIE

The blue layer is the oil phase designed to dissolve long-wearing makeup, and the micellar water phase works to remove any residue.  It’s necessary to shake gently before using to combine the two phases together.   The product will then merge into an opaque blue.


Emulsified Lancôme Bi-Facil Visage Cleanser Photograph: GRACIE

Time now to apply on a cotton pad by soaking it generously.  For removing stubborn make up such as mascara and high pigmented lipstick, hold the soaked pad over the area to allow the cleanser to melt and dissolve the formula.  There is no need to rub as it simply works away absorbing all the make up and impurities with no effort.  We like that.

When cleansing eyebrows, gentle move the pad both ways across the brow line to get right through to the skin.


Lancôme Bi-Facil Visage Cleanser Photograph: GRACIE

For an overall facial cleanse simply glide the soaked cotton disc over the face and neck.  It won’t leave a greasy residue nor cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Why it’s a winner –

  • For eyes and face it’s the perfect go-to product
  • It completely removes our much loved long lasting high pigment products
  • All this in one bottle – brilliant for travelling and girls on the go.