All the way with CeraVe

There’s no better time than right now, to rehydrate skin to look it’s healthy best. There are many factors that contribute to dry skin – weather, soaps, sanitisers or it maybe that you have naturally dry skin.  In a previous post we featured CeraVe’s Moisturising Cream for a heavy duty fix.  Since then we have discovered CeraVe Body Moisturizer as well as CeraVe Hand Cream and rate them as stand outs. Here’s why.

The body moisturiser is lightweight, oil-free and contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides that help to restore moisture and maintain the skin’s protective barrier.  It has a pump action that delivers the perfect dollop of lotion to bring your skin alive plus, it’s fragrance free. Your perfume fragrance is not affected.

There’s are lots of rewards to be had when using this moisturiser – your skin will be beautifully relaxed and pampered for a full 24 hours. Even though it soaks in well, it maintains protective coverage. World class.

Creating soft and healthy hands is made easy with CeraVe Hand Cream.  We love that it’s lightweight but super moisturising, and absorbs quickly without any residue.  This is definitely the answer to frequently washed and sanitised hands.

Formulated to protect and calm the skin while restoring its natural barrier, it too is fragrance free.  If soft, comfortable hands are what you long for, then get ready to love this. The packaging on CeraVe products is a bit ordinary but who cares when the product reliably performs?

We say go all the way with CeraVe and you won’t look back.