CND Solar Oil – a problem cuticle cure


Problems with nail cuticles can creep up on you – one minute you have healthy soft cuticles and then suddenly dryness, splits and rough edges.

To undo these ills, CND Solar oil is the favourite ‘go to’ product for nail professionals. It has just the right mix to bring your nails back from the brink.


The secret to its success is the active ingredient Jojoba Oil.   On application the oil readily penetrates taking along with it the essential vitamin E ingredient to condition and soften the cuticles while promoting strong, and flexible nails.


Adopt the tricks of the trade –

  • Apply on cuticles and under the nail edge
  • Massage well into the skin on each finger and nail
  • Apply before removing polish to prevent dry-out and stop the remover staining the polish into the nails


Keep a bottle close at hand, by the TV or bedside table and regularly oil up to ensure healthy soft cuticles and a trouble free nail plate and, don’t forget the toes!  You’ll love it’s lingering fragrance.

Available from beauty and nail salons.