Gillette Venus Spa


Before you reach for the regular razor and gel to lather and shave, know this: Gillette has come up with a combo in the form of The Venus Spa Breeze® 2-in-1 razor with three blades and built-in shave gel bars and it really is a breeze.


The pack comes with 2 cartridges that are easy to assemble and change.


A shower holder allows the razor to air dry between uses. That’s super-nifty!


The feminine pink handle is carefully shaped for a secure and comfortable grip.   The cartridges have built-in shave gel bars, delicately scented with white tea, which is fresh and soothing.


Best of all is the ease of use and the lack of mess! Simply add water and a smooth shave is guaranteed

Four things to love –

  • The shave head flexes up and down to accommodate tricky spots, such as knees and ankles
  • The three blades ensure you don’t have to use pressure that often results in skin irritation
  • The cartridges can be re-used
  • No need to keep applying gel as you go. Goodbye mess.

The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze® is definitely minimum effort for maximum impact.

Available at leading supermarkets and pharmacy outlets.