Mimco – Launchia Evening Clutch

Evening bags are often those items that rarely earn their keep in your wardrobe, but on which you don’t want to compromise when choosing.

Enter the Launchia hard case clutch evening bag recently released by Mimco!  Here at last is a bag that solves a host of problems and meets most requirements.  It may not work overtime, but it will command respect on your shelf.



The practicalities are all here.  The interior provides for all your essentials and incorporates a pouch to isolate any item.  The clasp is strong and secure while the hinged base allows for the bag to stand.  Full marks for this!


A danger with an embellished bag is that it will catch and pull on the delicate fabric of your outfit.  Mimco have solved this problem by having one side featuring a subdued metallic woven fabric which blends perfectly and won’t cause problems.   Now you can nonchalantly employ the metal snake chain to free up those hands for a glass of bubbles or an offered nibble.


The glamorous jewelled embellishment on this hard case spells class and style and that’s just what you need to place on the table to announce your arrival on that special night.



Available in store or online.  Click here