Revitanail – solve the disasters


Hands up the rare breed among us with great nails ………..  not many.

Well manicured nails are an essential part of a polished appearance.  We need to be proud of our paws!

If nail calamities are the norm for you, then it may be time to consider using a nail strengthener to restore your nails to the ‘primed and ready to go’ status.

Standing tall in the product queue is Revitanail which offers a superior nail care treatment that strengthens, protects and restores. Winner of several beauty awards, it’s a star performer.


Revitanail contains a calcium gel complex that guards against peeling, chipping and flaking allowing repair to take place.  Apply two coats on the first day and one coat daily for five days then remove with a non-acetone polish remover and begin the process once more.  Revitanail recommends treatment over 28 days including a 1-2 ‘rest’ period. This is minimum effort to restore nails to health.L1020535

An added bonus – use Revitanail as a base coat for all other polishes.


Tip:  Wiping the lid of the unsealed bottle with a little oil before replacing the lid will help prolong the shelf life of nail enamel.

Formaldehyde is used in the formulation, so if you have a known allergy to formaldehyde, then this product is probably not for you.

For maximum strength and a well groomed look, keep your nails shortish and with square tips.

Revitanail Nail Strengthener can be purchased from most chemist and department stores and some supermarkets.