Üsküdar – intriguing and unique

One of the things that makes Istanbul so intriguing is the many different districts and neighborhoods that have a unique character of their own.   The contrast of culture and lifestyle between seemingly not-so-distant neighborhoods, is unique. Üsküdar in Istanbul is a good example.

Being one of the oldest residential areas in Asian Istanbul, it’s awash with history and a unique charm.  Here wooden houses become a backdrop for a bustling street life of cafes and tempting food stores.

The area is also home to the Beylerbeyi Palace consisting of a massive interior rich with crystal chandeliers, porcelain and incredible furniture. Designed as a summer palace it boasts several pavilions.

Istanbul – The Beylerbeyi Palace entrance Image: GRACIE

The Bathing Pavilion and the Imperial Gate have views of the Bosphorus. The gate boasts beautifully caved doors – open when we visited so we could take in the view.

An easy way to access the palace and this area is by the  hop-on/hop-off bus or ferry which will offer a view from the water.

Any visit to Istanbul would not be complete without venturing across the water to the Asian side. It gives a different perspective to this diverse and vibrant city that should be explored.